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* Processor: Atmel SAM9G45, ARM926EJ-S @400MHz
* DDR:128MB DDR2
* NAND Flash: 256MB/512MB/1GB optional
* Pin out: Ethernet, USB HOST, USB device, UART, GPIO, RTC, JTAG, audio codec and speaker, watchdog, I2C, HS-ISP BUS, SDIO, ADC, PWM
* Operating system: Linux2.6.30
* Board size: 37mm x 74mm 
* CE Certification, EMC report
* Compatible module: MINI2440, MINI2416-III, MINI210-III
* Interface connection: 2.0mm pitch, (2x12+2x36)pins Pin Header 

    EM9G45 SBCEM9G45-I

Indicator A building block for embedded systems
MINI9G45 is a miniature computer-on-module (CoM) / system-on-module (SoM) board designed to serve as a building block in embedded applications.

Indicator The most feature-rich Atmel AT91SAM9G45 SoM on the market
MINI9G45 is based on the Atmel AT91SAM9G45 application processor which features the frequently demanded combination of user interface functionality and high data rate connectivity,including LCD Controller,resistive touch-screen,camera interface,audio,Ethernet 10/100 and high spped USB and SDIO. With the processor running at 400MHZ and multiple 100+ Mbps data rate peripherals, the SAM9G45 has the performance and bandwidth to the network or local storage media to provide and adeuate user experience.

Indicator Ready-to-run software packages
MINI9G45 is provided with comprehensive documentation and full ready-to-run SW support for Linux operating systems.

Boardcon is a confirmed third party partner of Atmel, welcome to use Boardcon's Atmel products!